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Our conditions of use

Property Care

Our Viking Resort & Marina condos are owned by private owners and each of them expects guests to ensure their property is clean and in perfect condition for the duration of their stay.

The furniture and objects available to the tenant must be treated with care and used only for the use for which they are intended, it is strictly forbidden to transport them out of the unit. Before leaving the premises, Le Viking Resort & Marina asks the tenants to return the condo in the same condition as on his arrival. The garbage must be placed in the waste chute provided for this purpose near the elevators. It is your responsibility to clean the dishes before leaving and to make sure windows and doors to the outside are closed and locked. The condos are built with premium vinyl floors for your comfort and enjoyment. In order to keep these floors in perfect condition, tenants are requested to remove their shoes (shoes, boots, sandals, etc.) upon entering.

The tenant is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rented premises.The unit will be inspected after your departure and, if its condition is deemed unsatisfactory or in case of non-fulfillment of these obligations, additional fees will be charged after your departure. In case of damage on the grounds or outside the unit, you will be charged the amount necessary to perform the repair by qualified persons.

Number of guests

For security and insurance purposes, the number of people, including children under six, sleeping in the rental property, must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the rooms in your condo.

The number of people staying in the unit must be mentioned when you check in. Failure to comply with this policy will result in additional fees and may terminate this agreement.


The condo must be vacated by 11 am on the day of departure. Otherwise, a fee of $100 per hour will be charged.

It is possible to request a late departure for $50. In this case, the condo must be vacated no later than 1 pm. We reserve the right to refuse a late check-out request during high periods of occupancy.

Access card

At the time of your departure, you must make sure to return all the cards issued upon your arrival.

In case of forgetting the return or loss of the access cards, a $10 fee will be retained on your security deposit.


Although dogs are allowed on Le Viking Resort & Marina site and in some condos. Every tenant must declare the presence of animal when booking.

A surplus of $19 or $49 per dog for the entire stay will be added to your customer account. In the event of damage and / or inconvenience, a penalty of $150 will be deducted from the security deposit and any costs incurred for cleaning caused by your pets will be fully charged.


In order to maintain the peace, well-being, comfort and tranquility of the neighborhood, no noise will be tolerated after 11 pm, according to article 25 of By-law SQ-04-2012 concerning the nuisances of the city of Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson.

You also risk the eviction of the site. It is also forbidden to party or to organize a rally in excess of the number of guests expected on the premises, in which case a financial penalty may be required in the event of a complaint from the neighborhood.

Guests or visitors

For liability purposes in case of emergency, the client must notify the reception office of any visitor presence.

The guest or visitor must register at the reception desk upon arrival and departure. No visitor will be tolerated after 22 pm. The caretaker will conduct a tour of the site to warn visitors who have not respected this term.


Le Viking Resort & Marina is not responsible for any problems encountered as a result of using the spa.

Abnormal use of the appliance may incur charges for additional cleaning. The tenant must also comply with the opening and closing hours. In case of non-compliance with the opening and closing hours, a penalty may be imposed.

Non-smokers facility

Please note that our condos are all non-smoking.

Our inspection team will check the condition of the unit after your departure. Any damage caused by the use of tobacco or any other substance inside the property will be at the tenant’s expense.

Campfires and fireworks

Open fires and fireworks are prohibited.

For special requests, please contact the administration.


Fishing is allowed on the Masson, North and Dupuis lakes for tenants with their fishing license.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to comply with the standards and laws governing this practice. However, it is forbidden to fish on docks or on the beach.

Terms and conditions

The rental of condos and the use of facilities and / or equipment as well as the use of Internet, telephone, electrical appliances, spa and others, are entirely at the client’s risk.

Le Viking Resort & Marina and the owners of the condos can not be held responsible for any event resulting in death, injury, loss of personal property or for any damage of personal property of the tenant and his / her guests.

In the event of an unforeseen situation such as a power failure, Internet service interruption, sewer problem, lack of water, telephone interruption or other, no refund will be granted.

Guarantee deposits


Please note that a security deposit of $250 will be pre-authorized on your credit card on the day of arrival. If you wish to use a credit card other than the one on the reservation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Reservations are not permitted to guests under 21 years of age.

Treat yourself to a moment of unforgettable happiness

With more than 40 units, our condos are all unique, original and fully furnished. The Viking Resort & Marina also has a gourmet restaurant, a marina, a gym, a wellness center and a terrace with a spa, with an exceptional view of the lake and several other services.

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We won the Domus prize awarded by the APCHQ for the year 2018, in the category "Multi-Family Residence of the Year" between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000.

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